It’s no secret that musicians and artists today are choosing an independent approach to the music industry. However, taking on such a task involves wearing an awful lot of hats! Artists, musicians, managers and label owners have to do everything for themselves these days. That’s why the rise of independent record label services may be interesting to you! 

With such large responsibility placed on the shoulders of one person, it can be very difficult to not only keep your head afloat, but to also spend time developing every area of your chosen career. 

What Are Record Label Services? 

Record label services, otherwise known as independent label services or simply label services is a great choice for artists who’d like to stay independent, but want all the benefits of being signed to a record label. It’s essentially the modern music industry’s alternative to the traditional record label deal. Label services usually include marketing, promotion, distribution, sync, sales, rights management and analytics. Obviously this depends on what kind of deal you go for, ranging from just a distribution deal to more digital music label services or full-blown label services. 

You generally pay for the services you use instead of signing into a record label contract. With more and more artists fighting to stay independent, label services are an increasingly common choice. 
Where Did Label Services Come From? 

Being a modern-day artist is no simple task. There’s a multitude of things that must be in place in order for your artist career to succeed. Balancing such tasks without a strong team behind you can be nearly impossible! Not to mention the struggle of brand new artists that may lack the network to succeed. 

Such struggles have caused a rapid increase in record label service companies over the last decade. Peaceful Records is in place to help both start-up and established artists, providing everything they could possibly need to further their career. Therefore, keeping the artist and their careers as independent as possible. 

We license, distribute & publish music content for artistes, song writers & producers. We have a transparent structure ensuring that revenues made through content distribution get to these artistes, producers and songwriters as due them. We are a entertainment company that is more artistic with extra support that ensures result for our signed talents. 
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